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Agri Technovation joins forces with Chengeta Crop Care

It is with great excitement that we share with you the news that Agri Technovation NZ has further invested in New Zealand by purchasing Chengeta Crop Care.

It will be business that is better than usual! Chengeta Crop Care’s existing products will be further extended and enhanced by service offerings from Agri Technovation.

The two companies provide complimentary services, and this we believe will be empowering to our clients, in that it will allow for holistic and full basket of services and nutrient related products, to be available to growers.

Rob Clarke will remain as a non – executive director of Agri Technovation New Zealand whilst Charles Hurly and Jaques Landman take over the reins.

The union of the two companies has great significance to the enable growers to optimise yields, bringing decision making clarity by the visualisation of data layering technology. Accomplished agronomists then interpret the information in consultation with the grower to make informed recommendations. Agri Technovation will be giving insight into nutrition and moisture management through MYFARMWEB™, a cloud based layered data geospatial visualisation tool.

Some of the services include: Geospatial soil, leaf, water, carbohydrate leaf and root testing. Capturing of pests and visualisation thereof, water moisture sensors and irrigation scheduling recommendations.

The suite of nutrient products, precision services, moisture sensors and interpretation are evolving to meet the growing demands placed on the grower to manage and use data, to make better, quicker and meaningful decisions resulting in optimal returns. This is all achieved by optimising yields and quality, with environmental impact, nutrient and water management related issues.

Agri Technovation has also launched the Carbohydrate root and leaf testing in New Zealand to further address the issues surrounding plant energy levels by corrective actions in nutrient application to mitigate off seasons.

Agri Technovation New Zealand is part of Agri Technovation International who are currently bringing this offering to a number of prominent growers in orchards and broadacre crops internationally and have at their disposal a wealth of expertise to reference crops.

The team from Agri Technovation looks forward continuing their relentless pursuit to deliver outstanding nutrition products and precision services, based on the latest scientific data to the growers of New Zealand. Their mission to ensure optimal, sustainable yields to clients is how Agri Technovation is Bringing AT-ness to every Farmer.